Luodong / Taipei / Taiwan

Taiwan, huh?

So it seems that many of our friends aren’t actually sure where in the world we are… but have no fear, I have google-mapped it for you!

We’re living in Taiwan, formally known as Ilha Formosa, which translates to mean ‘beautiful island.’ Shaped like a sweet potato, Taiwan sits outs in the Pacific Ocean with mainland China at its West, Japan to the North-East, and the Philippines to the South. It is not to be confused with Thailand, where all the drunk English 20-somethings are.

The official language is Mandarin (Chinese), although a lot of people do speak the native Taiwanese language, which is currently something of a mystery to us. It gets hit by typhoons all the time around August, and winter only lasts for about a month. The people are mostly a mix of Taoists, Buddhists and Confucianists, or sometimes all three! The rubbish trucks play a ridiculously loud tune and you have to run outside from your apartment block, run after the truck, and throw your bags into it to get rid of your stuff.

After 2 weeks of training in Taipei, we’ve now moved permenantly to Luodong in Yilan county for the year. Just need to get an apartment sorted out now…


4 thoughts on “Taiwan, huh?

  1. picturing you running after a rubbish truck…its a funny image i can tell you ;) Something tells me that you’re not going to bother throwing your rubbish on many occasions.

  2. I have been told that some of the elderly population of Taiwan speak Japanese and they love the opportunity to speak the language with younger people. This is due to Japan’s occupation of Taiwan prior to 1945. So, if Japanese is easier to learn, you could be on to a winner!!?? Auntie Kim

    • Yeah, totally true, the like 50+ from time to time do. But it’s Madarin which is the language we need to get around – it’s the language used for business/buying/selling/in shops etc. but on the street and in the family a lot of people speak Taiwanese. There’s no written form of Taiwanese though, so it would be a impossibility to learn and kind of impractical.

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