Luodong / Our Apartment / Taiwan

Virtual Apartment Tour.

A tour of Charlie and Luke’s apartment through the magic of the interwebs.

A note of caution: Taiwanese apartment buildings tend look grim from the outside. The humidity means that outside surfaces are weathered away extremely quickly. As a result, the  buildings acquire a kind of shanty-town aesthetic that isn’t exactly easy on the eye.. (we’re the third floor, with the light on!)


But fear  not! Once you get inside the apartment proper there is a drastic improvement in appearence, decor and all that good stuff, so don’t be put off coming to visit us – we aren’t slumming it just yet.

Come with me into the living-room, complete with two sofas and an arch!


We have these weird wallpaper ceilings around too..


The view from our balcony! Not quite as good as Brad and Laura’s, and we missed the midday sun.


Our big bedroom…. If you are super nice and send us a postcard (as soon as we get our address translated into English…) then you *may* get a spot above our bed.



Our kitchen is actually pretty big by Taiwanese standards, but lacks an oven. One of the other NSTs has a toaster oven that he’s not using, and his wife permitting, he’ll kindly let us have it! :) [note: I found out the hard way that the bottle of ‘water’ left on the side was actually white spirit, alas.]


Our ‘kitchen/dining room’ area came piled with heaps of art-stuff, which we’re just going to throw at our kids and see what sticks.


We splashed out on the £4 rather than 50p shower curtain for our luxury bathroom…


Spare bedroom, where you’re all welcome to crash, comes complete with slighty spooky painting and an en-suite toilet.


So that’s pretty much it. Of course you’ll have to come and stay with us to see it for yourself one day! We’re off to bed now after seeing Life of Pi at a cinema hidden behind a temple in the night market, good night!


10 thoughts on “Virtual Apartment Tour.

  1. Your new home together looks light, airy and fresh. The shower curtain is beautiful and worth the investment. The two pieces of art with tress on are out of this world, so creative, what a talent. I love the ‘weird’ ceiling. So glad to hear that you are surrrounded by nice welcoming people, it just makes life worthwhile. Enjoy! Mum/Sharon.

  2. We are so happy for you and Luke Chaz , Everything looks so nice including the weather Our Love Always Pops & Nana XX

  3. hi luke its grandma and granddad, just been looking at your blog at chris’s house! We are here for the weekend, it looks really nice and cosy. Grandad and i are really impressed and so pleased to see you looking well and happy.
    chrisi says we can skype tomorrow if you would like too?
    the weather in darwen has been freezing we have had the first snow of the winter i bet your little children would be amazed at seeing snow am i right!
    send our best to charlie, pleae take care of one another keep safe love you we are going to bed now night night xxxxxxxx

    • Hi Chrisi, could you pass on the message to grandma and grandad next time you’re with them and a computer (which may not be for a while I know!):

      Hi grandma and grandad!

      Glad you managed to get a look at the blog, we’re trying to update it every weekend so show it to everyone in Darwen who is interested in seeing what we’re up to :) Our apartment is lovely, we were very lucky to find somewhere that is so spacious and already furnished, often Taiwanese apartments can be small and bare. Sorry we didn’t manage to Skype you, I didn’t notice that you’d posted until too late :(

      My little children would absolutely love the snow, although be very, very cold! The temperature here has dropped to 14 degrees and everyone is wearing about five layers and looking very chilly, haha. It has been very wet here, the rain is somewhat torrential during winter, but blue skies forcasted for next weekend. Me and Charlie are looking after each other heaps and heaps, don’t you worry. Much love to you and everyone else in Darwen or Leeds! :)

  4. Hey Luke, Ebab here hehe
    I was just thinking, I work with the primary phase pupils (reception) at Carr Manor and we could link with your school and write letters etc. The children would love it x let me know what you think x BIG hugs x Love Ya x PS Skype tomorrow? xx

    • Hi Ebab!

      Only just noticed that you’d commented, we’ll have to Skype another time – next weekend maybe? That sounds like a fantastic idea, I’ll see what people think, but I’m sure my kids (5 to 6 year olds) would love it too! Thanks for showing grandma and grandad my blog, do you know if they ever got my postcard? If not I guess it may still be on it’s way… Much, much love!

  5. Hi luke & Charlie !! It’s auntie cathy..just a quick note to say merry Xmas to you both and hope u have a fab new year… All good here in darwen and cossy , Cameron & Ozzy all say hi !.. Off to auntie lisa’s for new years eve party so should be fun ! Grandma and grandad just got back from ur mum and dads and trying to get the hang the new nexus we got them for Xmas & also they got themselves a new phone -getting very upto date ! They’ve got broadband now can you believe . anyhow you guys take care and enjoy ..xxxxxxx

    • Hi auntie Cathy! Aww thanks, Merry Christmas and a fabulous New Year to you tooo! I’m making the most of my first day off in twelve days by spending it all wrapped up in a duvet, haha! Glad to hear all’s well in Darwen, I bet you have a grand time at Lisa’s NYE party! Good, grandma and grandad got back up north safe and sound then! :) They’ve got all the latest and greatest gadgets then, and even the internet connection to make the most of them, who’d have thought it?! Take care and much love, Luke and Charlie – XXXXX

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