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Wufenqi Waterfall Trail

100_8935With another grey looking Saturday and the risk of being cooped up indoors once again, we decided to hit Yilan County’s roads and take our scooter north to the base of the Wufengi Waterfall trail in Jiaoxi.

After driving across the rice fields of LuoDong, around Yilan and through some winding and near-to cobbled streets in Jiaoxi, we made it up the gradual slope to where the trail began.

The walk to the waterfall was an easy route up a couple of elevations worth of stairs. After that you can take a route which winds further round to a Catholic Church.

Still not satisfied we continued up an unknown slope into the mountains. The path seemed to stretch on further, but having got out late because Luke was working until 12pm the light was fading and there wasn’t enough time to explore.

On Luke’s insistance we did trek a little up a rocky, dry river bed until we reached the flowing stream. Wearing shoddy trainers and ripped up converse we had to abandon our path as our feet would’ve been soaked and I, no doubt, would’ve fallen over again!

Certainly we’re going to head back venture further round the winding roads next time the weather is dry!

For family viewing, here’s us:




3 thoughts on “Wufenqi Waterfall Trail

  1. Two natural beauties in one place. Well done to you both for making the most of your half day. The Chiltern hills just do not compare to your Wufengi Waterfall trail in Jiaoxi.

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