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Good Eats: Stone-baked pizza in LuoDong

With next to no regular Western eating places in our restaurant repertoire, we heard from another teacher at our school who lives down by the Sports Park in LuoDong, that there is in fact a local pizza place.

As you walk down from the main intersection towards the Sports Park on Gongzheng Road, you pass by a bar with a bright yellow roof and awning on your right just round the corner from the Sports Park entrance. About a 100 metres further is a small row of white tents that are usually boarded up when we walk down that way. Then we saw it: the last tent had a small blue neon “pizza” sign outside.

Pizza Map

We peered round the sign to find a brick-built wood-fired oven, a woman rolling out fresh pizza dough, and a guy stone-baking pizzas in the oven. The woman, in a very Taiwanese way, gestured to us and laughed saying, “pizza, pizza, ah.” We nodded enthusiastically and she rooted out an English menu. Luke and I were excited to see a whole load of vegetarian options, all of which were something we would actually be keen to eat!


We quickly ordered a veggie pizza (broccoli, peas, carrots, tomatoes, mozzerlla), then decided that a second pizza was needed and got ourselves a pesto, mushroom and broccoli pizza too. There’s not that much space to sit in, though it is possible, and it is right on the road-side, so we ran home eating some hot pizza along the way.


Hands down the best pizza we’ve had since coming to Taiwan. The pesto isn’t the same as home, as in it’s not basil but some kind of slightly pickly herb. Nonetheless, absolutely delicious – hao chi!


5 thoughts on “Good Eats: Stone-baked pizza in LuoDong

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    • Yep, we know it :) Thanks! It’s actually really close to our house now, and I took my Kindy class there on a school trip to make pizza this week even!

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