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Longtan Lake

Last weekend, exhausted from a heavy week of work, decided against a full-on hiking adventure and opted for a more leisurly jaunt in the bright sunshine around Longtan Lake.


Sitting just outside of Jiaoxi, Longtan is a small village with a large lake, surrounded by mountains on three sides. How exactly you’d get out there without a scooter I don’t know, but luckily ours is still powering on, so we whisked up into the hills.


The lake is a good distance for an amble in hot weather. Of course, as with any walk in Taiwan, there’s a few temples and shrines along the way as well. There’s a beautifully shacky coffee bar at the beginning/end, just after the row of painted walls (the arty face being my favourite of them). There’s a couple of street vendors too, with peanut brittle ice cream wraps, green onion pancakes, and various other fruit/veg/meat type foods.



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