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One for my mother: “Look after your feet, and they’ll take care of the rest!” :)

After years and years of wearing these…


I have finally upgraded to these…


Though strange and yellow I’ve never had such a comfortable pair of shoes. Posting to ensure that my mother knows I’m looking after my feet :) Just like she always tells me too! Took me a little while to get hold of a decent pair, as many a time shops tell me my feet are too big – depsite only being a UK women’s size 5. Alaaaas.

Also gots myself a wooly even though the winter has just about passed us by haha!


As ever, bringing sexy back with my fashion taste.. errhuh.


4 thoughts on “One for my mother: “Look after your feet, and they’ll take care of the rest!” :)

  1. I’m sad your converse are no more.. Mine are in a sorry state to, but I can’s through them away. Love the matching-ness of the shoes and hat. Somethings never change :p

    • I’m sad too, I love those cord cons! I can’t find another pair though, guess they’ve stopped making those ones :( I haven’t completely let go yet, they’re still outside our apartment door. The woman I bought my yellow trainers off though was horrified that I put them back on my feet after purchasing new shoes from her! She was like “no no, so bad, so bad for your feet! ohh!” an they were pretty bad for my feet in that state.

  2. Thank you for this, I was smiling while reading!:) What a lovely practical pair of yellow sunshine shoes, slimline and breathable. From Clarkes ‘Surestart’ to Taiwan’s best foot forward! Well done. I noticed that you had customised them by tucking the bow in:) Happy hiking.

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