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Good Sleeps: A-Home Wanchinghai Guesthouse

After spending too many rainy weekends in a row inside, I decided that for Luke’s 22nd birthday I would book a surprise weekend away in Jiufen. Finding accommodation meant hours of me trawling the internet in a secret search for somewhere perfect. Of course, Luke would’ve been happy in a tent, but we don’t have a tent and I’m a complete grumble when sleeping on the floor.


I settled on A-Home Wanchinghai Guesthouse, which is situated at one of the highest points in Jiufen township with views of the surrounding mountains, the Pacific Ocean and Keelung islands. However, we arrived in the thickest mist you could imagine. The couple who run the guesthouse had relatively good English (far better than our broken Chinese for sure!) and offered us a room upgrade with no extra charge so that we didn’t have to walk further up to the original room in the pouring rain. With no view anyway, it was super lovely of them to move us just round the corner to a better room.


We took off our muddy shoes in the porch, walked through the shared kitchenette/sitting area and into our room.


The room was like its own little house with two storeys, and a bathroom with a hot-spring tub.


Everything had a beautifully warm and rustic feeling, with vibrant oranges and wooden furniture and stairs.




After a comfortable night’s sleep, breakfast is served in the owners’ home. We had some really lovely French toast, fresh fruit and good coffee, although the portion was pretty small for the average eater.

An amazingly good place to stay, reasonable prices and very friendly owners mean that when we return to Jiufen we’ll certainly book in with them again.

For more information on A-Home Wanchinghai Guesthouse, you can go to their website.

How to get there?

Whilst walking through Jiufen Old Streets, at about the half-way mark there is a cross-road on the path. Turn left at the disgustingly gross smelling snack-place that has god knows what brown substance boiling in two cauldrons. Once you reach the top of the stairs you will be in front of Jiufen Elementary School. You can call the owners from here and they will walk round for you, or you can just turn left up the slope and follow the road round. They are the first small house you come across up there.

2F, 4-1 Lunding Rd. Rueifang District, New Taipei City


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