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Beetles in an Attic: A bizarre school-trip

Every four weeks, we take our Kindy class on a school-trip. 100_9469Currently teaching the ‘Garden of Life’ theme, I was imagining beautiful gardens, lakes and scenic areas for our trip out. I was sorely mistaken…

We rocked up to the middle of nowhere, surrounded by rice fields and mountains, to a strange two-storey house. After being led round the back and up some slippery stairs, 14 children and I found ourselves standing in the bizarre, gloomy attic of a beetle fanatic. At first, I didn’t think it was going to be so bad. He showed us some stick insects, pulling them apart so we could see their wings.

As we moved around his attic, he jabbered in Chinese at my stunned group of Kindys about beetles. He stuck his hand in various transparent plastic tanks and pulled out all manner of beetles, two of which he let roam on the floor in front of us. Surprisingly most of the children were okay with it, except one of the boys who promptly buried his head into me, trying to escape from the millions of beetles surrounding him.

Turns out the man is also breeding beetles; he tipped out a box of soil to reveal a white larvae type cocoon in which one thousand beetles were growing. I was too grossed out to take a picture. Not to mention he’d pinned all his deceased beetles onto the wall – ai ya!


I can’t say I had much idea what was going on, and now I know far more about beetles than I ever wanted to!


My Kindy class, waiting quietly as the strange man talks…

You can go visit the beetle farm place, but I have no idea how to get there, nor comprehension of why you would want to.


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