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Haircutted: Manly Men

Getting your haircut in a foreign country can be a daunting experience. I don’t like strangers wielding scissors and razors at neck height at the best of times, but when we don’t speak the same language either it can reach another level of uncomfortableness. I was also a little wary of accidentally getting K-popped… But never fear, check the Google Map below to see the address of a place that worked for me in LuoDong.



Even more handsome after:


Get a trim: They don’t speak English, so be sure to take a photograph to give the hairdresser something to work from. It cost me $250NT (£5.50). For manly men only!
Remember: That haircuts are traditional before Chinese New Year, so consequently hairdressers hike up the price around late January and early February.

Cultural Notes: Before I arrived in Taiwan, and then again at training, I was told many times by non-Taiwanese that the Taiwanese are a very conservative people. It was suggested that arriving at work with less-than-neat facial hair and anything on the head that could be described as anything other than boring was a cardinal sin, and would be regarded with distrust. This led me to ask the question: What exactly is the point of outrageous hair if not to… well.. outrage someone a little? Here are a couple of photos of very fine teachers in Taiwan who don’t have boring hair… (they may not be promotable, but look at that mustache!) :

A map to the reliable hairdressers I go to:


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