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Beyond Wufenqi: River-Tracing in Jiaoxi

There’s more to Wufenqi than Wufenqi waterfall. Escape the throngs of day-trippers and within minutes you’ll have the tranquility of the forest to yourself. With Liezl and our couch-surfer Leo in tow, Charlie and I spent the last day of June in search of alternative waterfalls. What we found was enough to rival our adventures at Jia Jiu Liao, and I highly recommend taking a leaf out of our book and jumping off the beaten path.


Left to right: Leo, Liezl, Charlie, and me!

Get there: Take a train to Jiaoxi from Taipei. From the train station a shuttle bus service runs that can take you to Wufenqi waterfall. Once you are at the free parking area, take a left over the makeshift bridge. From there a trail runs to to your right. We followed that trail for around twenty minutes, until we crossed a green bridge. Shortly afterwards, the trail branches off, either steeply to you right or into the water on your left. We put on our booties and took the left-hand route into the river. A little later the river itself splits in two. If you take the right hand stream you will soon reach a petite but immense waterfall and pool. If you take the left hand stream there is another waterfall, but this one is much further on.

Us having reached the small waterfall and pool at the end of the right-hand river fork

Us having reached the small waterfall and pool at the end of the right-hand river fork

Eat: There are a number of vendors at Wufenqi, but our favourite place to eat is a little vegetarian buffet that you can find on the Google Map below.
Drink: Plenty of fluids, as it can be a difficult and dehydrating hike.
See: While you are at Wufenqi, it would be silly to miss the main waterfall. Whether it’s the most impressive waterfall in the area is up for debate, but it’s certainly worth a look. There’s also an interesting church to the Virgin Mary higher up the mountain.
Read: The Taipei Hikers found an impressive looking waterfall too – take a look at their site!

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