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Yilan International Children’s Folklore and Folkgame Festival 2013

The International Children’s Folklore and Folkgame Festival (ICFF) at Dongshan River Park is an eclectic medley of art, culture, and fun that celebrates childhood. An ideal place to take a family, but worthy of a visit by everyone who was once a child. It is held for 44 days every year in July and August.


See: Internationally acclaimed and world-famous children’s illustrator Jimmy Liao’s nostalgia-inducing exhibition. Fortunately his work has been translated into several languages, including English, and is available on Amazon. His Starry Starry Night left me misty eyed. Oh, and did we mention that there are dinosaurs at Dongshan?

Play: at the entirely interactive exhibition of moving and spinning toys. Afterwards, be sure to scale the Yellow Fort! As the ramparts are manned by water-pistol wielding Taiwanese you’ll have to quick to avoid getting wet. There is only one entrance and one exit, and of course both are rope-bridges.  Sadly, you may find yourself stuck behind a queue of adventurous yet snail-pace elderly Taiwanese grandparents.


Disclaimer: Me holding a Rubik’s Cube doesn’t mean I was necessarily the one to solve it!

Swim: at the water park. The opening of the ICFF also means that the water-works at Dongshan are turned on, and every ten-year old for miles around  comes running. At first we thought it was funny that many Taiwanese swim partially or fully clothed, until we saw our sunburn later that night… (and we were wearing factor 50)! A locker is NT$50 (£1.10).


Eat: either inside or outside the park. Queues can get so long inside that you should consider jumping out of the park for lunch at one of the stalls set up by the parking lot.

How to get there?

The same way you would normally get to Dongshan River Park, but expect it to be far busier!



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