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Good Eats: The Fu Bar

On the edge of the golden sands of Fulong beach, right down by the temple, sits the South African run Fu Bar. We’ve been there twice now, led by our South African friend – of course!

Our South African friend, Liezl, being amped

Our South African friend, Liezl, being amped

Eat: stuffed pita breads named after wild animals, salads from Greek to Caesar, and meaty SA-style barbeques. For vegetarians, ‘The Buffalo’ is really good – filled with roasted veggies and a generous amount of feta and mozzarella cheese. All pitas come with a side salad; however they aren’t the most filling of meals and make a much better lunchtime snack than dinner time feast. ‘The Buffalo’ costs NT$250 (£5.50) and prices are similar for the rest of the menu.

Drink: South African beers, ciders and wines. All the drinks at Fu Bar are SA imports and so you get absolutely stung to drink here but the beverages are delicious. Savannah Dry, Hunters Gold and most of the beers sets you back NT$150 (£3.30) a bottle, or NT$750 (£16) for a bucket of six. A glass of house wine is NT$150, or get a bottle for NT$900 (£20). Sangria is a bit cheaper at NT$600 (£13).


A group of us made it up there for Liezl’s birthday party too

Verdict: If you’re a South African in Taiwan missing your home comforts then this is where you need to be. Otherwise, food and drink is yummy, but prices are steep so don’t make it your only fuel stop!

How to get there?

Take the train to Fulong. Exit the station and walk in  a straight line, take a right at the YMCA and follow the path across the bridge and round to the left heading towards the beach. Walk along the boardwalk, parallel to the beach and heading towards the temple. The Fu Bar will be on your right.


2 thoughts on “Good Eats: The Fu Bar

  1. Looks like a pretty cool place. When I saw the title at first, I was like “oh, I know that place, it’s in Taichung!” But that’s different. Haha. But if you’re ever in Taichung, they’ve got a cool place called Fu Bar which is a mini Mecca for foreigners. Great place for a drink al fresco, weather permitting!

    • Oh really? What a coincidence, we’re actually going to Taichung the weekend after next to go to Rainbow Village – have you been? I’ll check out see if that place is near enough for us to go to too :)

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