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Cultural Musings at Lanyang Museum

Dolphin Exhibition 30NT

Dolphin Exhibition NT $30

One typhnoony afternoon, Charlie and I made use of a rare Thursday afternoon off to visit the peculiar Lanyang Museum in Wushi. The museum of Yilan’s history and culture boasts slanted architecture, serene grounds, curious dioramas, and, excitingly for dairy-starved foreigners, fro-yo!


The museum was overstaffed, meaning we spent a frustrating five-minutes attempting to find out who we were supposed to buy tickets from and who we were supposed to give tickets to. This is further complicated by the fact that different exhibitions require different tickets…

However, once we made it past the well-meaning but misdirecting staff, the exhibitions themselves were intriguing, and often interactive.


Charlie enjoyed the sections on aboriginal tribes a little too much…



Lanyang Museum is a must see for anyone living in Yilan, but if you are simply visiting, give it a look only to break up a sweltering beach day at the nearby Waiao beach.

Cost: Supposedly tickets are free to Yilan residents, but Charlie left her Alien Residents Card (ARC) in the apartment, so she had to pay full fare (NT $100/£2.21). Concessions are available, so remember to bring ID!

Eat: all of the fro-yo! Like many expats in Asia, dairy craving is something we suffer frequently, so we were more than happy to pay the NT $150 for a generous portion of frozen yoghurt, banana, mango mochi and honey. An unexpected but much appreciated taste of home! (Mochi is a Japanese candy made of glutinous rice, which is best complimented by mango, in my opinion!)

2013-07-11 16.30.02
Buy: stuff in the gift-shop, which unlike most gift-shops is actually quite good! Cool kid’s t-shirts, cacti in bottles, what more could you possible want? Prices are high, as is the quality.

Get there: by train rather than by scooter; the punishing 34°C heat is something to avoid, and it’s fair to say we were both a little frazzled on arrival. Get off at Toucheng Station. As always, take a peek at the Google Map below.

View from the window

View from the window


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