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There’s a Place in my ‘Art for Love Café

There has always been a place for Love Café in our hearts, ever since we did our first language exchange there when we first came to LuoDong. We often take an amble there for black iced coffee or fruit tea when we have a spare hour or so, and on our must recent trip we were greeted with beautiful rainbow artwork adorning their walls!


“What’s all this?” we asked excitedly. It turns out that this summer time an artist, Maria Han, came one evening to host a short class and left her work for their walls. It’s a shame we missed it, but fortunately we’ve been able to appreciate the beautiful artwork ever since!



More info: If you want to find out more about Maria Han, or about Love Cafe, you can check their facebook page.

Eat: The café’s quriky specialty is doorstep toast with ice cream and other yummy things heaped on top. My personal favourite is matcha and red bean, but I’m sure Luke would argue for chocolate and banana.

Drink: Iced coffee is perfect on a lazy, hot Sunday. If you’re with friends, opt to share a pot of fruit tea which comes in a variety of flavours.

How to get there?

Love Cafe is only a short 3 minute walk from LuoDong train station. Just go straight and take the second left. Walk down the street a few blocks and there it is on your right, opposite the green Leezen health food store (where you can get scrummy hydrogenated fat free peanut butter).


I took my mum to Love Cafe for some iced coffee, though she thought it was too strong!


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