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Joining the Dots: Fulong to Jiufen

Always trying to tack another dot onto the Taiwan map with our weekends, we ventured out into the onyx clouds caused by Typhoon Usagi to explore the coastline between Fulong and up to the mountains of Jinguashi and neighbouring Jiufen. We’ve made it to both Fulong and Jiufen before so now it was time for us to join the dots inbetween.


The Golden Waterfall we’d seen only a few weeks ago led out into the ocean where we were now standing. The yellowy-gold colour is a result of a large amount of iron ore in the rocks near the coast.


Above us, the Shuinandong Smelter sat ominously. It was once a vital part of the gold mining industry here, but now it is derelict with age and disuse.


Taking the bus back towards Fulong, we alighted at Bitou Cape, a small fishing village. All the boats were tucked in the harbour, wary of the storm ahead. The rain had ceased and all that remained was a not uncommon mist.

Naturally, with Luke always ready for a hike whenever he should see a brown wooden sign emblazoned with the word “Trail,” we started up some wooden steps toward the top of a small coastal hill.


I was pretty distressed by some of the huge rain spider hanging around in their even huger webs which were adorned with smatterings of smaller, baby spiders.


From the top you could look out over the harbour we’d just been standing in and over the Pacific Ocean. If you take the stairs down at the break in the trail near the route to the lighthouse, you can walk all the way round into Longdong.

How to get there?

The tourist shuttle bus departs from Ruifang and Fulong railway stations (both are the first or last stop on the route depending which direction you’re travelling from) on The Gold Fulong route. The total bus time is about 1 hour and 15 minutes, with buses arriving at half hourly intervals at the stops.



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