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Dreaming of Childhood: Jimmy Liao at Yilan Park

Jimmy Liao’s artwork seems to reach our eyes wherever we go. Luke and I wandered through a gallery of his illustrations back at the International Children’s Folklore Festival, and captivated by some of the pictures, even bought a print. Since then, we’ve both taken our Kindy class on a school trip to Yilan park, where larger than life sculptures of Jimmy’s illustrations are currently residing.


There are a couple of murals, including this one with a reindeer and a flying school bus. It reminded me a lot of those fictional stories you’re told and fantasies you harbour as a child.


My Kindy class (Dolphin class) were really excited by a small house with a dolphin mural painted inside. They loved that they had made a connection between their class name and the outside world in English.


Many of the other sculptures seemed to be occupied with the idea of travelling and making a journey. Suitcases were both sat on the ground and suspended in the air, whilst sculptures of people with bags parted ways and walked off in separate directions.


How to get there?
Once at Yilan train station, come out of the front entrance and take a left. The park is only a few hundred metres down the road on both sides. You’ll probably see the giant green bunny rabbit before anything else.



2 thoughts on “Dreaming of Childhood: Jimmy Liao at Yilan Park

  1. How wonderful to be able to take your students there, a great idea and place to visit, one that they will surely treasure for always. Making magical memories with children is what it is all about.

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