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Top 10 Things To-Do with One Night in Kenting

Heading to Kenting in a hurry? Here’s our quick and rough guide to Taiwan’s tropical southern tip. This is our top ten things to-do each described in ten words or less. Enjoy!

  1. Rent a scooter

You’ll need wheels to get around quickly and easily. NT$400

  1. Enjoy Kenting beach

First beach of the main-strip, mostly deserted on weekdays.


  1. Jump from Sail Rock

Unmistakable, find it close to the marine-ecological area. Geronimo!

  1. Visit Taiwan’s Southern-most tip

A somewhat arbitrary landmark? Yes. But a purple café? Yes.


  1. Explore Kenting National Park

Limestone caves and a world-class array of tropical flowers. Entry: NT$100


  1. Jet-ski or surf at Nanpan beach

Busy in the water on weeknights and weekends. Surfs up.

7.  Eat popcorn and watch fireworks at Chuhuo fire in the ground

Nearly never ceasing continual flame in the ground. Illegal fireworks.



       8.  Sunset at Longhuan Lake

A favourite for the locals, couples in love, and twitchers.

  1. Meander the old streets and scale the old walls of Hengchun

Old streets full of old Taiwanese things and walkable walls.


  1. People watch on Baisha beach

Most people, eat pizza, drink cocktails, amazing clouds, warm sands.


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