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A Beautiful Witch’s Cauldron: Beitou Hot Springs

Beitou hot spring valley was named paktaaw (witch) by its aboriginal inhabitants because the constant rising steam and strong sulphuric smell gives it the appearance of a witch’s cauldron. Aquamarine water, misty warmth and surrounding lush greenery – it’s the most beautiful witch’s cauldron I’ve ever heard about.

Wandering up the hill, you eventually reach a little path off to the left where you can look over the edge into what seems to be endless hot steam.



 Bathe: If you’re a budget traveller like us, then we recommend the Millennium Hot Springs. It was super busy outside, so try to time it right, but only NT$40 entry. It’s a public, outdoor, open-air series of pools. Swimming costumes are needed. No photos are allowed inside this hot spring resort.

Snack: A few vendors line the sides of the streets selling delicious little boiled quail eggs.


How to get there?

Take the red line on the MRT to Beitou and change there to get to Xinbeitou. The hot springs are a short walk through the park and up along the river.



4 thoughts on “A Beautiful Witch’s Cauldron: Beitou Hot Springs

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  2. Very cool photos of the Hot Springs. Do you know how hot the water is? By the looks of the steam it appears to be extremely warm!

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