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125 Years of Adventure & Discovery: National Geographic Exhibition

Founded in 1888, National Geographic has spent 125 years leading scientific research projects, telling stories from across the world, and photographing incredible nature and people.

To celebrate its achievements, Taipei’s Huashan 1914 Creative Park is hosting an exhibition of Nat Geo’s most moving and inspiring photographs. Inside, the exhibition is split into separate galleries which explore different themes, including a segment titled Remembering Taiwan.’


Of course, Nat Geo’s most famous photograph, Steve McCurry’s ‘The Afghan Girl,’ was surrounded by a small crowd transfixed by her stare. Amazing photos of volcanoes, ice, whales, penguins, sandstorms, faces, landscapes etc. surrounded the walls. There are no photos allowed inside the exhibition, but you can see from the spectacular shots on the entrance wall just how exciting and engaging it is. Definitely our top cultural experience in Taipei, we can’t recommend it enough!


Opening Times: The exhibition is running from September 18th – November 24th 2013.

Cost: A full price adult ticket is NT$220.

How to get there?

Take the MRT to Zhongxiao xinsheng station. The Creative Park is a 5-minute walk, easily navigated with a glance at the map.

Address: Huashan 1914 Creative Park, No. 1, Section 1, Bādé Rd, Zhongzheng District


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