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Strangers in Taiwan have moved!

Strangers in Taiwan have moved: both home and blog.

After 1 glorious year in Taiwan, we packed our life into a suitcase each and headed off for a month in Vietnam and a few days in Hong Kong. In December, we flew home just in time for Christmas in England with our families. Just because we’ve gone doesn’t mean we’re planning to stop travelling the world, in fact, anything but!

Read about our adventures on our new blog, run by Charlie, guest-written by Luke when the mood takes him.



Thank you to everyone who supported us whilst we were living in Taiwan, and to all those who followed our blog. Strangers in Taiwan kept our families from worrying about us, made us our best friends (and our housemates) in Taiwan (Luke and Tanya are still living in LuoDong), and introduced us to the exciting world of travel blogging.


2 thoughts on “Strangers in Taiwan have moved!

    • Haha thanks! We loved LuoDong and in some ways would’ve liked to stay, but we just want to keep seeing more of the world! Thanks for the compliment though :)

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