Our Remaining Taiwan Bucket List


  • Beitou Hot Springs
    We’ve done our local hot springs in Jiaoxi, but we’ve heard great things of the Beitou hot springs in the north of Taipei City. With public outdoor hot springs being gender-mixed and swimsuits on, I am keen to be in the outside world when relaxing in beautiful hot spring water.
  • Keelung Coast
    I may have spent more time complaining about A-Level Physical Geography than learning anything, but it certainly left me with an appreciation for quirky rock formations and strange coastal erosion.
  • Kenting
    Apparently it’s always sunny in Kenting. Well then why are we hanging about in rainy Yilan? Only because Kenting is at the southern-most tip of Taiwan, so to hit those lovely sandy beaches we’ve got to find enough time for the high-speed rail trip down there from Taipei.
  • Maokong Gondola
    Ah so everyone tells you that if you’re in Taipei then Maokong is the trip you’ve got to make. There’s some hikes, temples, teahouses and tea plantations, as well as a view of the whole of Taipei once you reach the top of the gondola.
  • Rainbow Village, Taichung
    I read about Rainbow Village on another Taiwan blog, A Crusing Couple and thought it looked amaze. It’s an old ‘military-dependents’ village transformed by Huang Yung-Fu, an 86-year-old man with a paintbrush.
  •  SPOT-Taipei Film House
    Being the film buff that I am, I definitely want to make it to one of Taiwan’s few indie/arty cinemas. Unfortunately, I have to wait for an English film, as most of the screenings are foreign films subtitled in Chinese, but not in English.
  •  Teapot Mountain (Mt. Wuerchahu)
    So we made it over to Jiufen with the intent of getting on Teapot Mountain but unfortunately our plans were scuppered by rainy foggy rain. Second time round though we made it up there to the rocky outcrop!


  • Stinky Tofu (chòu dòufu)
    People say the stench of this fermented tofu can be smelt streets away from the vendor’s stall, but actually it doesn’t smell that bad to either of us. We smelled it, we ate it, it wasn’t bad.
  • Red Bean and Green Tea Frappuchino
    It’s such a Western thing to go out for a frappuchino, but here it’s a very Asian menu! Fortunately, I love green tea and red beans, so for me this was pretty yummy, but it’s certainly not to everyone’s taste.

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